High School

When she was little, she followed a butterfly to discover which kinds of flowers it preferred. Ten years later, she’s building a flying robot and wants to be a physicist. No doubt about it—she’s inquisitive, and she’s ambitious.

At Oakwood, we want her to be as open to learning all her life as she is today. That’s why we expect our high school students to master an exacting core curriculum, roam the byways of their creativity, and develop real intellectual stamina. Our expert teachers employ their own inventive methods, get to know your student as an individual, and talk with her—and you—constantly about her passions, her triumphs, and her challenges.

And where will her Oakwood education take her? Wherever she chooses. Starting in ninth grade, our individualized, intentional college counseling process fully supports your student as she defines, pursues, and reaches her higher educational goals.

It’s no wonder our students regularly score in the top percentiles on their college entrance exams, go on to attend some of the finest colleges and universities in the nation, and continue to learn and lead for a lifetime.

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