Elementary School

He asks his teacher why the moon is a different shape than it was last week. She helps him make a diagram explaining the moon’s phases—which also shows him how the moon affects the tides. Now he’s building a 3-D model to learn about the moon’s gravity.

Even at this young age, he’s ready to delve deeper—and at Oakwood, our teachers can lead his curiosity as far as it can go. 

By first grade, he’s attending classes in drama, Spanish, science, art, music, and PE, along with his daily lessons in language arts, math, and history. Going to different classrooms, studying with expert teachers who all deeply love their subjects—not only can our students handle it, they thrive on it. 

When his teachers teach what they know and love best, he can’t help catching their enthusiasm. His science teacher’s love of geology inspires him to start a rock collection. When she sees her art teacher’s original painting on the wall, she wants to work a little harder on hers. At Oakwood, children discover there’s joy in every subject, and in being good—really good—at what you do.

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