High School

He’s always wanted more than the textbook version of history. At Oakwood, his history teacher gives the class excerpts from Columbus’ diaries. Now he’s making a video dramatizing the explorer’s first contact with the native people of the Americas—thinking through both sides of this world-changing encounter.

At Oakwood, our teachers can lead your student’s curiosity as far as it can go—because they’re all experts in their chosen fields. They teach what they love, and only  what they love.

And when students learn from educators who are teaching their passion, they can’t help catching the enthusiasm. His math teacher’s love of an elegant solution inspires him to have another go at a calculus problem. When she sees her art teacher’s original painting hanging on the classroom wall, she wants to work a little harder on her own.

At Oakwood, students find that there’s joy in every subject, and in being good—really good—at the passions you choose to pursue.

And where will his Oakwood education take him? Wherever he chooses. Starting in ninth grade, our individualized, intentional college counseling process fully supports your student as she defines, pursues, and reaches her higher educational goals.

It’s no wonder our students regularly score in the top percentiles on their college entrance exams, go on to attend some of the finest colleges and universities in the nation, and continue to learn and lead for a lifetime.

Upper School Brochure