Our Expectations

At Oakwood, we make decisions based on one simple principle: “What is best for the student?”

And we believe that students who develop their whole selves will succeed not only in their school endeavors, but in life.

The educational process at Oakwood develops the whole child, and our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs) reflect our high expectations for our students. Oakwood students will be:

1. Critical thinkers who:
      • Remember
      • Understand
      • Apply
      • Analyze
      • Evaluate
      • Create
2. Effective communicators who demonstrate competency in:
      • Reading
      • Writing
      • Listening
      • Speaking
      • Collaborating
      • Media literacy
3. Community contributors who practice a culture of kindness through:
      • Respect
      • Service
      • Cooperation
      • Compassionate citizenship
4. Authentic and resilient individuals who:
      • Seek a broad base of knowledge
      • Experience a variety of multi-cultural and enrichment activities
      • Demonstrate independence and confidence
      • Cultivate physical, social and emotional well-being.