Our Mission

Your student is multidimensional—curious and kind, thoughtful and improvisational, perceptive and exuberant. And you want a school that celebrates and hones all her gifts—not separately, but in concert. A school that knows she’s not just one song, but a symphony.

At Oakwood School, our educational philosophy carefully balances structure and openness to help your student grow as a creative, disciplined, joyful learner, fully prepared for college and life beyond.

We ensure every child learns from passionate experts in each subject

so that they delve far deeper than textbook coverage, inspired by the enthusiasm and leadership of educators who have achieved mastery in their fields.

We foster a disciplined and jubilant culture of public self-expression

by teaching presentation skills onstage and in the classroom, helping students blossom into dynamic, self-confident communicators.

We uphold high academic expectations

to build the kind of intellectual stamina that leads students to think critically and engage actively in their studies.

We set grounded personal examples for moral behavior

so that the core values of our school family—respect, service, honesty, kindness, citizenship—inspire our students to make good choices in all their endeavors.

We lead students through a proven curriculum that gives them plenty of space for exploration

while allowing students to try out new talents and investigate their potential in a supportive environment that unleashes possibilities.

Step onto our idyllic Morgan Hill campus and you immediately feel Oakwood’s philosophy shining through—in the thoughtfully equipped, sunlit classrooms, in the expansive performing arts venue, in breathtaking mountain vistas, and especially in our students and teachers. You find one student coding a digital model of plate tectonics for her science fair project. Another, dressed as a knight, salutes you on his way to rehearsal. And their teachers look on with pride. They know a more intentional education really works, because they see it, and help construct it, every day.

Oakwood is fully accredited by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), which is considered the premier accreditation organization in the western United States.