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Elementary School

At Oakwood, the elementary years are designed to develop the whole child and provide a strong foundation for future academic and social growth. We focus on each child as an individual who is accepted and valued. With small student-to-teacher ratios, our educators employ a multi-sensory approach to accommodate all types of learners, along with curriculum that provides continuity and consistency through each grade. With dedicated, expert teachers, students explore and research ideas, develop higher level thinking skills, and become independent, self-directed, joyful learners.

An Oakwood education is a comprehensive, collaborative, intentional process that prepares students fully for their next stage in life—whether that’s kindergarten, college, or somewhere in between.

Through the five tenets of our founding philosophy, passionate expertise, disciplined and jubilant self-expression, high academic expectations, grounded moral examples, and unlimited exploration, we foster curiosity, mastery, and independence.

Our teachers get to know every student as an individual, including the ways they learn best. Our program also ensures that students themselves understand and effectively employ their own learning methods. We teach them to take charge of their own education—at Oakwood, in college, and throughout their lives.