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Preschool & Junior Kindergarten

In the early childhood program, our educational philosophy allows children to grow as a creative, curious, joyful learners, fully prepared for their educational journey.

Oakwood’s breadth and depth of curriculum set it apart among various educational opportunities. The curriculum is solid, time tested, and continually reviewed to assure that we have the best resources to make learning come alive for our students.

We focus on each child as an individual who is accepted and valued, while encouraging the child’s development in small and large groups.

Our teachers talk constantly with each other - and with you - about your student's progress and challenges. And because they're experts in the subjects they teach, they know how to adapt the curriculum to meet your student's needs.

The early childhood curriculum is a developmental program based on a sequence of skills. It is concerned with the development of the whole child, emphasizing social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth.Learning takes place through a hands-on, multi-sensory approach at each level - we hear, we see, we say, we do. Children learn to work, play, and share with others and develop self-esteem through many meaningful experiences.

These years provide a strong foundation for future academic and social growth. We are dedicated to providing a child-centered environment where children learn with joy.