International Students


Oakwood School welcomes applications from students outside the United States, and appreciates the diversity that these students bring. In order to ensure the best possible program for these students and their families, Oakwood has partnered with The Cambridge Institute of International Education. The Cambridge Institute’s international student program prepares students for life abroad prior to arriving at Oakwood and continues to provide international students and their families with on-going support throughout the school year.


Oakwood is proud to partner with gphomestay, an organization to support the residential needs of our international students. Gphomestay is a residential services and homestay provider that specializes in matching international students with committed American host families in the Oakwood community and providing ongoing local support to both students and hosts. Gphomestay is recognized as a CSIET-listed organization ( Council on Standards for International Educational Travel).

Host Families

Want to learn about a different culture and broaden your horizons without leaving your home? Become a host today and welcome a new member to your family! Families are welcome to host a student for one school year or even more. Host families receive a monthly stipend to cover costs that arise with having an extra person in their home and they have access to ongoing support from a local Residential Coordinator.

Interested Students

For information about attending Oakwood School as an international student, please visit To submit an application or answers to more questions, please contact the consultants at The Cambridge Institute at

Host Families

Interested in becoming a host? Looking for more information? Visit, or fill out a Host Inquiry Form at

Contact gphomestay directly: (781) 996-0429