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Oakwood School


Oakwood’s visual and performing arts curriculum enables students to discover their own unique style, artistic impression, and creativity. Students share the stage with classmates who perform with gusto, develop improvisational skills in music and drama, and learn complex techniques and styles in painting, drawing, and sculpture. As artists and performers, students take risks and explore creativity in beautiful spaces with expert instructors who nurture their artistic voice and vision.

Students from kindergarten through 12th grade study drama, take part in plays and musicals, and learn a variety of increasingly complex visual arts techniques. The results speak volumes. Our students express themselves confidently, respectfully and vividly, not only with their peers, but with adults. This ability gives them an advantage when they enter college – and for the rest of their lives.

Elementary School

Performing Arts

Drama Enrichment (Grades 1-5)
Music Enrichment

Visual Arts

Art Enrichment

Middle School

Performing Arts Electives

Actor Reactor
The Art of Public Speaking
Middle School Play
Middle School Musical
Percussion Ensemble
Storytelling Through Movement & Dance
Stagecraft - Behind the Scenes
Ukes & Tunes
Vocal Ensemble

Visual Arts Electives

2-D Art
3-D Art
Art Exploration

High School

Performing Arts Electives

High School Play
High School Musical
Jazz Ensemble
Music Production
Speech & Debate
Vocal Ensemble

Visual Arts Electives

Digital Art
Studio Art I
Studio Art II
AP Studio Art: 2D
AP Studio Art: 3D