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Oakwood School

Visual Arts

At Oakwood, the Art curriculum is based on a goal to give every student a foundation of knowledge and skills in order to grow as an artist and inspire a love for art.

Elementary School

In elementary school, students learn to create art using the elements and principles of design: the understanding and use of line, shape, color, texture, space and also balance, rhythm, movement, pattern, contrast, emphasis, and unity. Students apply these concepts to creative hands-on experiences and projects while they explore a variety of media, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and fiber art. Students learn to observe the world around them, and express their observations creatively. Students are also frequently exposed to art history, as well as contemporary artists' work, in order for them to build awareness and appreciation for art. Many projects also include a multi-cultural component, allowing students to make connections between other cultures through art.

Middle School & High School

The arts curriculum promotes visual literacy while providing an opportunity for students to discover their own unique style, artistic impression, and creativity. Designated art rooms and expert art instructors provide settings that allow students a venue for creative exploration. Students learn to draw and paint, in addition to learning about master artists, artistic techniques and styles, and art vocabulary. These core skills help improve artistic capabilities and provide the necessary background for students to formulate and express opinions about their own work, their peers’ work, and the work of the masters.

Please reference our Middle School Course Catalog and High School Course Catalog to learn more about our art elective offerings.

Oakwood High School Senior Noah Chin Earns Perfect Score on AP 3-D Art and Design Exam

Oakwood School celebrates high school student Noah Chin for earning a perfect score on a college-level Advanced Placement® (AP®) Exam in spring 2021. Noah was one of only one of 36 students in the world to earn every point possible on the AP 3-D Art and Design Exam. "AP courses and exams are college-level, requiring great focus and persistence among participating students," said Trevor Packer, head of the Advanced Placement Program. Noah is an incredibly talented and passionate student, and we are proud of his incredible accomplishment.