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Whether you graduated from our High School or attended Oakwood for only a few years, you are important to us and will always be considered part of the Oakwood Alumni community!

Oakwood Alumni provide a vital link to our school’s history and are a reminder of our dedication to educating the whole child and creating a love of learning in each student. We hope that you will take one of these opportunities to get involved at Oakwood and to demonstrate your connection to our school:

Welcome from the Alumni Office

Greetings, Oakwood Alumni!

While I have been in my role as Director of Development & Alumni Relations since early 2018, you may not have met me yet! Before I landed at Oakwood, I spent several years working with alumni at Stanford University and other independent schools in the Bay Area. An alumni association not only serves as a social binding agent to link commonalities from your memories of Oakwood, but to create a living network that will not only be advantageous to you as you grow in your career, but to those who have come after you. Witnessing the joy of classmates coming together in celebration at a reunion or networking to help form new connections—is truly something special and makes my role one that I treasure.

In the past almost five years, I have strived to enhance the wonderful community of alumni with new opportunities to engage with your fellow Oakwood grads as well as our current students. The Oakwood community is a special one—you have so many individuals invested in your past, present, and future! We cannot wait to see the many things you will accomplish both professionally and personally in your time after Oakwood. 

It is our hope that the Alumni Association will be a welcomed resource for you.  If you join our Linked In page, you'll see many current and former parents, faculty, staff, and alumni just waiting to network with you. Your Oakwood experience is invaluable to our students and we hope that we can help bridge the connection between past, present, and future for our community! 

We look forward to your participation in the Alumni Association through campus visits, volunteerism, reunion gatherings, and more! 

Melissa Barrow

Director of Development and Alumni Relations


Come back to Oakwood for a visit in your favorite classroom or be part of an Alumni panel to talk about your experience at Oakwood School and after.

Visit Us


Volunteer to help the Alumni Office locate your classmates, organize a class or regional reunion of Oakwood Alumni, or speak to our current Seniors.



Donate your time, talent, and treasure! There are many ways to participate in philanthropy as an alumni. To donate monetarily, please click the link below. 


Your continued participation in the life of our school is important to our current students and sets an example for future alumni to join in Oakwood’s legacy.

Alumni Updates

Previous Alumni Updates

Jeb Goldman '19

Jeb recently answered our new questionnaire with questions submitted by current Oakwood High School students. Thank you, Jeb, for your candid answers! Hear what Jeb has to say about college life and balancing school, work, and a social life.

Read More about Jeb Goldman '19
Ashley Bruning '20

Setting minds at ease, Ashley Bruning, Class of 2020, connected the dots between high school and college life for our inquiring senior class. Sharing her own path and how she grew routines established at Oakwood to support her current academic and personal choices, Ashley gave practical advice.

Read More about Ashley Bruning '20

Alumni Voices: Looking Back on Their Oakwood Experience

Oakwood's International Appeal

Over the years Oakwood has had the good fortune of welcoming students from around the world. China, Ukraine, Georgia, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Serbia, and Spain are representative of our international students' homelands. Their presence at Oakwood has resulted in a thriving exchange of traditions and perspectives that are now thoroughly engrained in our school culture. 

The Oakwood community indeed stretches worldwide! How lucky we are to expand our network and embrace this phenomenon. We thought it would be especially appealing to get a glimpse of where Alumni have landed, a feel for their lifestyle, and a taste for any local indulgences.

Read below for a trio of delights to inspire your own travels and who knows, maybe even a move abroad! 

Andrej Veljković

Reflections from Andrej Veljković '20: "Nikola and I've recently talked about Oakwood and what a great experience it was for both of us. I have nothing but great memories from Oakwood and I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to be part of Oakwood.

Read More about Andrej Veljković
Nikola Djalovic

Reflections from Nikola Djalovic '19: "I have just started my senior year. I am studying Software and Data Engineering. The first picture is a picture of me and Andrej. This was taken only a  few hours after we met for the first time in person! We were on our way to the US, and we had a whole night layover in Paris.

Read More about Nikola Djalovic
Ailsa Yu

From China to California and now in Australia, Ailsa Yu '21 (pictured third from left) is at the University of Sydney. "Looking back, attending Oakwood was a very meaningful experience for me. I am thankful that Oakwood has given me the opportunities to explore the world and myself, and I love how it supported me on my journey."

Read More about Ailsa Yu

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We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you around Oakwood soon!

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Melissa Barrow

Melissa Barrow

Director of Development and Alumni Relations

Senior Advisor and Alumni Liaison