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Channing Bushman '18

Channing Bushman '18
Channing Bushman '18

Channing Bushman '18 shares this updated with us: "This year, I graduated with my Master’s in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling and began working in the field to accrue hours toward my license. I found a job and moved to Elk Grove, just south of Sacramento in California, to be closer to my parents and to get my license in this state.I got back into community theater and will perform in two of three holiday-themed one-acts the first weekend of December. I couldn’t be happier to reconnect with that community. I have also been knitting, crocheting, and tatting a lot and I love connecting to those heritage crafts. I am also a part of the regional event planning committee for people in my age group for my church—I was in charge of the Halloween event which was a huge success. I also play a lot of Pokemon Go with friends and my family, which gets me out and walking along the creek by my place—I love visiting the turtles, ducks, and egret. I have found a life for myself that I love!"

Where do/did you attend college?

Western Oregon University

What is your favorite way that being an Oakwood student has affected your life in college and after?

I am accustomed to having a good relationship with my teachers and professors. This has helped me get the support that I need.

How is college life and its general atmosphere compared to Oakwood?

My college has a similar environment to Oakwood's which was wonderful.

Is college a big jump from high school?

If anything, my college was a step down from the academic rigor of Oakwood.

How does the homework load in college compare to Oakwood's?

Fairly comparable

How was the college admissions process and what did you find most challenging during it?

The pressure to apply to many more schools than I wanted was the most challenge, second being finding scholarships.

How did you select which school you attended? Anything you wish you knew before you settled on your school?

It felt right for me! I didn't feel anything was missing.

Was there anything that steered you in a particular direction regarding your major and/or career?

My interest and passion for finding ways to use my strengths to help my community.

Do you think it is too late to try to build up your skills for your dream job in high school?

No! I love the concept of lifelong learning and the more modern environment of changing jobs throughout life.

How did you manage your time in high school with sports, AP classes, and other extracurriculars?

Lots and lots of lists and calendars.

How do you organize your priorities? When do you put your life before your career/studies?

I wish I had put my life before my studies more in high school, but there was a lot of pressure to excel in school.

What is your best advice for building a successful career?

Finding something that you can love but also leave at work.

Any other wisdom you'd like to share with our High School students?

Let yourself have fun!