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HS Adventure Field Trip

It is an Oakwood tradition to kick off the year with our High School Adventure, providing a great opportunity to bond for students and faculty. On Wednesday, August 23, Oakwood High School students will be heading to Moss Landing to kayak in the Elkhorn Slough among the sea otters, seals, and sea lions, all led by trained guides. Before and after the eco-adventures, they will enjoy fun, games, and a delicious lunch at Moss Landing State Beach. We expect that this will be great fun and look forward to all students participating.

In order for this activity to run smoothly, it is essential that all students and parents carefully read the following key points for students and have their signed "Liability Release Waiver" form turned in by either the New Student Orientation night or the first day of school. Students will not be able to go on the trip without the signed form. Students will not receive their class schedules until this form is turned in.

To learn more about the adventure, visit: http://www.kayakconnection.com/elkhorn-slough/

Key Points

Students should arrive at school on Wednesday, August 23 by 7:30 am and can expect to return to Oakwood around 5:00 pm (return time not firm, due to possible traffic). They should eat breakfast before they come to school. Wednesday will be considered a regular school day and attendance is expected.

What to bring:

  • Oakwood appropriate clothing. Students should dress in layers, as it can be cool at the beach and they may get wet while kayaking.
  • Bathing Suit (under clothing)
  • Warm layer (beach can be low 60s in temperature). A waterproof windbreaker is best.
  • Avoid wearing cotton or jeans. If possible, wear synthetic clothing which keep you warm when wet.
  • Comfortable shoes that can get wet; avoid heavy hiking boots
  • Snacks and water bottle (box lunch will be provided).
  • Beach supplies- beach towel, extra clothes

If you have questions, please contact Jackie Matthews at 408-782-7177 ext. 200 or at jmatthews@oakwoodway.org.

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