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Oakwood School

Oakwood School Celebrates Halloween

Oakwood School Celebrates Halloween
Oakwood School Celebrates Halloween

The celebration of Halloween at Oakwood School was fun for all ages!

The festivities began Friday, October 22, when middle school students attended the "Light Up the Night" dance, a glow-in-the-dark-themed event.

Halloween celebrations continued through the following week. On Friday, October 29, pumpkin book reports were displayed in front of the elementary classrooms. ECE and elementary students participated in classroom parties and toured the campus in costume parades while parents and upper school students cheered them on!

After school, the Oakwood community gathered for our annual Boo Bash; highlights included pumpkin decorating and a cakewalk!

The High School students attended the Oakwood (But Make it Spooky) Social to round out the night.

Thank you to the great efforts of the volunteers that helped the entire Oakwood community enjoy all of the events that took place!