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Oakwood School

Kindergarten Students Embark on an Adventure to find Honey and Boo Boo

Oakwood School kindergarten classes embarked on an adventure to find their missing Teddy Bears named Honey and Boo Boo. The students located and deciphered clues that led them to the art classroom, the Barn, the science classroom, the technology classroom, the library, and finally, the office. When the students deciphered all the clues, they still couldn't locate Honey and Boo Boo, so they decided to ask Mrs. Shales for assistance. Then, lo and behold! There were Honey and Boo Boo! They were waiting patiently inside Mrs. Shale's office for their Kindergarten friends to find them! However, they were not waiting alone. They brought little friends for their Kindergarten classmates to take home!