Parent Involvement

Parent Service Auxilary (PSA)

Oakwood recognizes the most important aspect of a child's education - parental involvement. The school has a very active Parent Service Auxiliary - PSA for short.

The PSA was established to provide a way for parents to give meaningful and significant service to the school. The PSA Board works closely with school administration in designing and implementing activities that will benefit the school and the students. Parents are encouraged to get involved and become part of the school network. Fantastic activities are planned by the PSA throughout the year to foster school spirit, entertain, provide wholesome fun and draw students, parents, and faculty closer together. Many are annual events that are full of tradition and build our school heritage.

There is a wonderful, varied kaleidoscope of families at Oakwood, and this is the perfect setting to make friends and be involved.

PSA Mission

The mission of the PSA is to strengthen and foster our school community and contribute meaningful service to Oakwood. The PSA Board serves as a liaison between the administration, staff and parents, encouraging parental involvement, hosting social and fundraising events, assisting with community outreach programs and enhancing educational opportunities now and for the future.

Contacting the PSA

If you have questions about the PSA or would like to volunteer your time and become one of the most important aspects of your child's education contact the PSA at .

Parent Advisory Board

The Oakwood Parent Advisory Board is made up of about a dozen parents who are invited each year to meet with the school administration to provide meaningful feedback on how things are going at Oakwood. The members represent a cross-section of the school families, including parents who are new to Oakwood, parents who have had children at Oakwood for many years, and parents of students in every grade level.

Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Moosman, Parent ’17, ’19, ’23

When I walked into the classroom holding the hand of my three-year-old son, I knew I wanted to get involved, even if it was to check on my baby from time to time. So, I signed up to be a co-room parent as I knew that to do it full time with a one year old at home would be difficult. That was 17 years ago. I don’t think a year has gone by that I haven’t volunteered in one capacity or another at Oakwood. I have loved every room parent responsibility, chaperone field trip I have been on, ceremony I have attended or event that I helped plan. People ask me, “Why do you do it?”, and there are so many rewarding reasons. Primarily, I do it for the kids. Teachers put so much of themselves into teaching our children that I know there are events that need extra time to work on in order to make them special. The least I can do is help to plan a party, transform a stage, buy a needed item, or coordinate volunteers. In doing so, I have gotten to know fabulous teachers, staff, my children’s classmates, their parents, and the wonderful community that we have at Oakwood.

As my boys matured, my time in the classroom diminished but my involvement did not. That is when my volunteering entered a new phase. I was still able to stay in touch with the students by being a volunteer at school-wide events, school productions, or even just being a driver for away sporting events. And let me tell you that listening to a van full of high school students is a great way to stay on top of things! I have set up for dances, teacher luncheons, fundraisers, and social events. I have chaired auctions, middle school promotions, and high school graduations. I learned from those who came before me and I hope to guide the ones who will follow me. Volunteering my time has put me in touch with so many amazing parents in our Oakwood community. It has been the most rewarding experience working with parents from all different grade levels who want to make events unforgettable for our children. The kinship that has been created among us is something I will take with me long after my time as a volunteering parent is over.

I have watched big buddies cheer on their little buddies, and little ones watch in awe of the older students performing in a skit or play. I have watched numerous ECE students grow into young adults who walked confidently across the gym that I transformed for graduation. I would have missed all of these magical moments if I wasn’t there helping out. That feeling of being proud to do something to make an event special is why I do what I do. As an Oakwood parent, you have already chosen the best academic option for your child—so why not volunteer and make it the most memorable!