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HS Students Immerse Themselves in Spanish Culture
HS Students Immerse Themselves in Spanish Culture
This year's high school trip was to the beautiful country of Spain. The students toured Madrid, Toledo, Córdoba, Sevilla, and Granada. They visited many places of historical significance, learned about the great history of Spain and the heritage of the different regions.

The trip was an incredible introduction to the elaborate architecture of the country. Students visited many cathedrals, mosques, monasteries and many plazas (town squares). The group was submerged into Spanish culture by learning from their guides as they toured, but also by viewing artwork in museums, visiting a bull fighting arena, watching swords forging, taking a flamenco dance class, purchasing handmade sweets from nuns in a monastery, learning the process of making olive oil and working in the fields, and seeing a demonstration of how the Moors detailed furniture with beautiful geometric shapes and designs. The group was able to practice their Spanish and enjoy traditional cuisine by eating lunch with local families hosted generously in their own homes.

As they toured the country, they also were able to soak in Spain's natural beauty by hiking El Caminito del Rey (The King's Little Path) a spectacular gorge in the Málaga province, where they learned about the geology and biology of the area and hiking up Juanar in the mountains of Marbella, where they enjoyed magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea and could even see Africa. They also enjoyed some time on the beach!

This trip was a tremendous opportunity to learn about Spain and delve into life in this incredible country. The students came home very happy and full of stories of their adventures.