Oakwood School Celebrates Homecoming 2022
Oakwood School Celebrates Homecoming 2022

Oakwood School proudly celebrated Homecoming 2022 with spirit week, daily lunchtime games for high school students, a pep rally, and exciting basketball games. Students from preschool to high school dressed up to show their school spirit each day.

The high school held its first annual HOCO Games which included a wheelbarrow race, scavenger hunt, and balloon pop. The games culminated on Friday when the Middle School and High School came together for the Homecoming Pep Rally that featured our cheer team, a trivia game, shoutouts to students who participate in Oakwood extracurricular activities, and a fast-paced relay race.

In addition, each of our basketball teams played in homecoming games with the support of our cheer team and members of the Oakwood community supporting from the stands.

The first game was played by the Boys JV Basketball team. Gilroy jumped to an early lead of 13 points and Oakwood fought back hard. The Hawks were led by Kenny Peng, Andrew Juarez, Sohum Agrawal, and Dhruv Rajagopalan.

The Girls Varsity Basketball team was next to take the court. Oakwood played hard and had fun. Zoe Chamberlain was outstanding. She scored most of the points for Oakwood and was the game leader in rebounds. Zoe even "flexed" as she scored a tough basket.

Boys Varsity Basketball came out strong and played well. Six players on Oakwood scored in double figures: Lazar Cankovic, Langston Watson, Roman Moskalenko, Marci Safranka, Vlad Ziatsau and Sandro Kokochasvili. Oakwood defeated the visiting Mustangs of Gilroy High by the final score of 83 to 46. The varsity team now has a current record of 13 - 1.

The final homecoming game was held Saturday morning. The Boys Freshman Basketball team played Gilroy. Ronan Casey played great and had a game-high in points and rebounds. Frankie Botte and Rohan Rajagopalan also played outstanding games for Oakwood. Kishan Patel hit several big three-point baskets for the Hawks. Oakwood defeated Gilroy by the final score of 37 to 34.

Go Hawks!