Oakwood School and Students Win Top Awards at South Valley Science and Engineering Faire
Oakwood School and Students Win Top Awards at South Valley Science and Engineering Faire

The South Valley Science and Engineering Fair took place on February 8-9, at Christopher High School, in Gilroy. In addition to the eighteen Oakwood students that received top awards in the competition, sweeping all categories in the High School division, Oakwood School won the Best School award! See below for a list of winners in each category.

Special Awards:

Best School: Oakwood School

Students' Choice Awards:

  • Middle School Tyler Comerford, Grade 8, "What Type of Vinegar Deteriorates Fruit the Fastest?"

  • High School Kyle Khojasteh, Grade 10, "Can Sound Be used to Levitate Objects?"

Category Awards

Middle School:


  • First place – Mikaela Minoza, Grade 8, "Can the viscosity of a liquid affect its ability to let other substances sink?"

  • Second place – Melanie Chipman, Grade 8, "How does the temperature change how bread rises?"


  • Second place – Brandon Kim, Grade 8, "Fantastic Feline Feeder"


  • Second place – Carter Thornton, Grade 8, "Energy Hogs"

High School:


  • First place – Julia Obuchi, Grade 9, "Potential Antibiotic Properties of Kelp"

  • Second place – Kate Marcotullio, Grade 11, "Do Plants Have Memories?"

  • Third place – Anne Rickard, Grade 12, "Washing with Waste"


  • First place – Lydia Sattler, Grade 11, "A Comparative Analysis of LLagas Creek"

  • Second place – Grace Kawwas, Grade 12, "Polylactic Acid (PLA) Plastic"

  • Third place – Noah Chin, Grade 10, "Natural Dyes vs. Synthetic Dyes"


  • First place – Nolan Kornelsen, 12th Grade, "Programming a Chemical Reaction Simulator"

  • Second place – Kate Jackson, 11th Grade, "Finding Fibonachi"

  • Third place – Kyle Khojasteh, 10th Grade, "Can Sound Be used to Levitate Objects?"


  • First place – Zoe Chamberlain, 10th Grade, "Blood Splat Pattern"

  • Second place – YiQi Xu, 10th Grade, "Analysis of Houses for Earthquake Mitigation"

  • Third place – Joseph Gastelum, 10th Grade, "Basketball"