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Early Childhood

Your child astonishes you every day. Sometimes you gasp at her maturity, like her ability to remember and use words you’ve just read in her storybook. Other times her innocence brings tears to your eyes. She’s a child—wondrous, exceptional, vulnerable.

At Oakwood, we celebrate this amazing stage of life—we don’t rush it.

We take time to discover and nurture the talents and interests of every student. And we make sure your child feels safe and encouraged to discover herself. Oakwood is the place for her to seek out new experiences—shooting a three-point basket, playing a dragon on stage, asking a burning question, making a new best friend. Here, variety feels exciting. It’s a chance to learn something new, or to work out a solution. The way we see it, we have as much to learn from our children as they do from us. So let’s all learn together, as an extended family of exuberant, thoughtful explorers.

We are Morgan Hill’s independent, non-sectarian, college-preparatory school for students in preschool through grade 12. Our diverse community, thriving on an expansive campus, provides a home for an extended family of learners. Here, we share our unwavering commitment to a more intentional education. To learn more about our educational philosophy, download our Lower School Brochure. The best way for your family to meet our family is to tour our scenic Morgan Hill campus, meet our teachers and students, and observe our learning in action. Our family looks forward to meeting yours.

Recent Early Childhood News

Oakwood Freedom Festival Celebrates Patriotism and Our Veterans

The Oakwood community gathered for the annual Freedom Festival – Oakwood's school-wide celebration of patriotism. Students honored our country and our veterans with grade level presentations which included patriotic songs and videos produced by students. Veterans and members of the military had special VIP seating and were honored with a song especially for them, "American Heroes."

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Oakwood Kindergarteners Work Together To Master Math Skills

Oakwood kindergarteners practiced their adding skills while also learning the essential skill of working (and compromising) within a group. For this math activity, students received different amounts of counters and worked in groups to write equations. They had the chance to communicate with each other and work towards a common goal. By practicing being an effective team member they developed confidence in their own abilities and while furthering their knowledge of addition.

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Oakwood Spreads Love Throughout Campus With Valentine's Day Celebrations

It was a lovely Valentine's Day today in Oakwood lower school. Students spread love all around campus as they celebrated with Valentine-themed activities and crafts, sweet treats, and of course, a Valentine exchange with their classmates. All faculty and staff were also treated to Valentine-themed goodies from our wonderful families. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Oakwood Celebrates 100 Day Milestone

Oakwood students celebrated being 100 days older and 100 days wiser on their 100th day of school. Students had 100-themed activities and snacks throughout the day. First graders wore colorfully decorated 100 day hats. Kindergarteners proudly wore t-shirts that they decorated themselves with 100 items. Our JrK classes celebrated by dressing as 100-year-old people with walkers, canes and all. It's always fun to see our students' creativity and excitement on special days like this. Happy 100th day Oakwood!

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Students Practice Culture of Kindness By Being Inclusive

Oakwood lower school students were presented with Character Awards for the month of January. The Character Words they were recognized for are, "Be Inclusive." Oakwood places strong emphasis on everyone being part of our school community. Being inclusive requires compromise, patience, understanding, and empathy. We are proud of these students for practicing these traits and helping others feel included. Kindergarten: Jax G., Skyler A., Keira L., Anneke R., Scarlett R., Colin B. 1st Grade: Lily W., Gavin F., Caroline N.2nd Grade: Russell F., Joy K., Callum L., Hudson R. 3rd Grade: Kate P., Kelly K. 4th Grade: Izzy C., Lizzy P., Gianna G.

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Oakwood Faculty Participate in Smackdown to Raise Funds for Developing Countries

Neither rain nor fear of whipped cream got in the way of yesterday's Smackdown! Fearless faculty and staff volunteers were whacked in the face with Oakwood student-purchased whipped cream pies, all in the name of a good cause. Funds raised this year will go to a project called "The Right to Thrive," which aims to end child marriage and improve the quality of life in developing countries globally. Stay tuned for the results!

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Oakwood Celebrated the Holidays with Festive Cheer!

Twas the day before the holiday break, and all were ready to celebrate. Kindergartners created festive goodies with buddies, while preschoolers snacked on holiday yummies. Then Santa surprised all the ECE friends. For making the "good list" all he did commend. With a ho, ho, ho he said his good-byes, as the children watched with twinkles in their eyes. Teachers joined little ones for some holiday singing. Their voices spread cheer and bells were a ringing.Then the big boys and girls headed off to The Barn, to join each other in a sing-a-long. Oakwood was bursting with Holiday cheer. Then they headed to parties in classrooms near. Arts and crafts, games and treats, is what all did enjoy. The school day ended, they all packed up their goodies. We will see you next year bundled up in your hoodies.

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20th Annual Thanks and Giving Celebration

The Oakwood 2017 Thanks and Giving Celebration was an amazing event as usual. The 154 assembled Thanksgiving food bins were presented to Community Solutions. Over 1,117 books collected for the "Reading Hour" 2nd grade book drive were presented to the El Toro Clubhouse. There was singing, socializing, a video showcasing the things we are thankful for and pumpkin pie for the students – it was an Oakwood event that was truly a celebration of giving! Thank you to everyone for contributing and for showing our community your wonderful giving spirit.

Click here to view the "Oakwood is Thankful" video shown at the celebration.

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The thing that stood out in the Early Childhood program here was that it was developmentally based and not just hardcore academics. It was the musical movement. It was the art. It was looking at the whole child and making sure that every aspect was focused upon throughout their day.

Oakwood Parent

I couldn't trust anybody with my kids more than I trust the folks at Oakwood. It is fantastic.

Oakwood Parent

My son just blossomed here. Blossomed. He started off really shy and you should see him now.

Oakwood Parent