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Yesterday he told you The Lorax book is better than the movie. Today he followed a butterfly to see which flowers it liked best. No doubt about it—he’s sharp, and he’s inquisitive. He already loves learning—and you want him to keep loving it, with the same fresh delight, all his life.

At Oakwood we celebrate his incisiveness and his spontaneity. But we also want him to be as open to learning at sixty as he was at six.

That’s why we expect even our youngest children to master core skills in reading, writing, and math. Our curriculum works to make this core knowledge automatic, giving your child the intellectual stamina to forge ahead. But our teachers present that curriculum through their own inventive methods, inspiring your child to roam the byways of his creativity. In this open yet strengthening environment, he grows into a nimble, joyful, persistent thinker, who’s ready to take on any challenge.

We are Morgan Hill’s independent, non-sectarian, college-preparatory school for students in preschool through grade 12. Our diverse community, thriving on an expansive campus, provides a home for an extended family of learners. Here, we share our unwavering commitment to a more intentional education. To learn more about our educational philosophy, download our Lower School Brochure. The best way for your family to meet our family is to tour our scenic Morgan Hill campus, meet our teachers and students, and observe our learning in action. Our family looks forward to meeting yours.

Elementary News

Patriotism and Veterans Honored Throughout Annual Freedom Festival

The Oakwood gym was filled with song and dance today during the Freedom Festival. Our Oakwood community enjoyed this school-wide celebration of patriotism. Students honored our country and our veterans with grade-level presentations, which included patriotic songs and videos produced by students. Veterans and members of the military had special VIP seating and were honored with a song sung especially for them by our 5th grade students, "American Heroes."

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Hands-on Math and Science Skills Gained Through Cupcake Activity

Oakwood third grade students put their math knowledge to the test as they measured ingredients in a cupcake activity for Valentine's Day. Working in groups they followed a recipe, selecting and measuring out the correct amount of each ingredient and following the steps in the instructions. This activity helped them to understand the importance of precision when measuring out ingredients for a recipe, as well as following the steps in order. They also learned the importance of having the correct quantities of ingredients for a successful chemical reaction when baking. After baking the cupcakes they decorated them for Valentine's Day. Who knew learning could be so delicious!

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Successful Smackdown Fundraiser Benefits Youth In Need

During lunch on Wednesday, the Oakwood community gathered to fundraise for The Oakwood Interact Club's annual Smackdown! Courageous staff and faculty volunteered themselves to be targeted for flying plates of whipped cream, thrown by enthusiastic Oakwood students. Funds raised this year will go to "Se Necesita Un Pueblo" (It Takes a Village), a project aiming to improve the lives of orphaned children in Venezuela and "Future in Focus," a project to help provide glasses, bikes, and eye exams to impoverished youth.

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Oakwood Students Work to Raise Funds for Local Families in Need

Our third grade students are asked to think of ways they can earn money for the Oakwood Thanks and Giving community service project. This may include doing simple chores around the house for parents, relatives or friends. Their earned money is then put together and they go on a shopping trip to purchase the needed items. They are tasked with using their math and problem-solving skills to be as cost-effective as possible when purchasing the items.

This week, they took their combined earnings to Nob Hill, and were able to purchase enough items to create several bins containing a complete Thanksgiving meal as well as grocery store gift cards. The bins of food and gift cards were presented to Community Solutions, along with the rest of the bins created school-wide, during our annual Thanks and Giving Celebration.

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Third Grade Students Commemorate Veterans Day With White Table Tradition

Oakwood third grade students learned about the "White Table" tradition of setting a small table with a white cloth and one chair in a common dining area to honor our veterans – especially MIAs and POWs – to remind us of their sacrifices and the impact on their families. They respectfully set a "white table" on campus today to serve as a visual reminder to our student body. Students were invited to add the name and photo of a military family or friend who has served, or is presently serving, to their display. To learn more about this tradition and the meaning of each item on the table, you can visit the website of Margot Raven, author of children's book, America's White Table, which Oakwood third grade students read in class.

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Medieval/Renaissance Time Periods Brought to Life

Oakwood fourth and fifth grade students celebrated the Middle Ages and Renaissance time periods with a day full of hands-on, enriching, and educational activities. Students, faculty, and parent volunteers donned period-specific attire from elaborate gowns to pirate and knight costumes. Games and activities included archery, Shakespeare recitations, and jousting. Students learned all about falconry and were able to see and interact with falcons and owls. A medieval weaponry expert held demonstrations and students were able to handle weaponry and even try on some knight's armor. A guest speaker talked to them about how children lived in that time period and how they got their food and clothing. After a grand feast, the celebration concluded with a May Pole Dance by our very own fourth grade students and recorder performance by our incredible fifth graders. Thank you to all of the volunteers who made this event possible.

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Outstanding Musical Performance by Oakwood Fifth Graders

Oakwood fifth grade students put on quite a show in their musical performance of "The Great Ghost Chase." A poltergeist haunted an asylum, creating dangerous mischief. To add to the antics, the patients locked up the staff and nobody could tell who was a patient and who was staff. As chaos unfolded the 'Ghostchasers' showed up grooving to the 'Ghostchasers' rap, led by the head Honcho. The number was an audience favorite, as the actors rapped and danced, loaded with their arsenal of kooky weapons. With the nonstop action, everybody from the poltergeist to the cabdriver to the asylum patients did an excellent job of keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

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Our children are part of an invigorating educational program at Oakwood, which allows each of them to use their strengths and confidently conquer their challenges.

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Oakwood is a place where dedicated people instill values, leadership and pride into children while giving them a top notch education.

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I love how my children are thriving at Oakwood and how the teachers and staff are always there for them.

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