We have intellectual stamina


At Oakwood we offer continuity and consistency of curriculum designed to develop the whole child. Our teachers talk constantly with each other - and with you - about your students progress and challenges. And because they're experts in the subjects they teach, they know how to adapt the curriculum to meet your student's needs.

We focus on each child as an individual who is accepted and valued.

The elementary curriculum is made up of a foundation program for grades 1 - 3, and an intermediate program for grades 4 and 5. A systematic program is used for reading instruction, balancing phonics and authentic literature with explicit skills instruction. Grammar, vocabulary, and penmanship are all a focus. Decoding and encoding skills, comprehension strategies, and a broad range of writing and language skills are thoroughly taught.

The elementary years provide a strong foundation for future academic and social growth. Individualization is carried out through flexible grouping based on needs observed during teaching. A multi-sensory approach is used whenever possible to accommodate all types of learners. Children at all levels are actively involved in thinking skills, problem-solving strategies, and real life applications enabling them to develop a thorough understanding of mathematics.

We are dedicated to providing an environment in which students explore and research ideas, develop higher level thinking skills, and become independent, self-directed, joyful learners. Visit the Curriculum pages for an overview of grade-level specific curriculum.

Oakwood offers an academically challenging curriculum, whilst never forgetting the many other crucial components important in raising a future generation of well-rounded adults.

Oakwood Parent