We extend ourselves


At Oakwood we treat each child as an individual and nurture the talents and interests of every student, while fostering the whole child's development.

Our students enjoy a well-rounded, balanced educational experience.

In addition to the basic subjects of language arts, mathematics and social studies, all grades take science, Spanish, art, physical education, coding/keyboarding, music and drama, all taught by specialist teachers.

Even at this young age, your child is ready to delve deeper—and at Oakwood, our teachers can lead curiosity as far as it can go. Going to different classrooms, studying with expert teachers who all deeply love their subjects—not only can our students handle it, they thrive on it.

It's like living in a musical. It's like they just break out into song.

Oakwood Parent

At Oakwood, students find that there’s joy in every subject, and in being good—really good—at the passions you choose to pursue.
Our teachers can lead your student’s curiosity as far as it can go—because they’re all experts in their chosen fields. They teach what they love, and only what they love.
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