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Got a few minutes? Current Oakwood students have compiled the below questions that they'd love to have our alumni share their advice on.

Share your answers with us here!

Thank you for playing an important mentorship role by engaging with our current student community in this way. Your feedback is an invaluable resource for them as they make many important decisions over the next few months and years!

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I prefer my answers to be shared anonymously:
Where do/did you attend college?
What is your favorite way that being an Oakwood student has affected your life in college and after?
How is college life and its general atmosphere compared to Oakwood?
Is college a big jump from high school?
How does the homework load in college compare to Oakwood's?
How was the college admissions process and what did you find most challenging during it?
How did you select which school you attended? Anything you wish you knew before you settled on your school?
Was there anything that steered you in a particular direction regarding your major and/or career?
Do you think it is too late to try to build up your skills for your dream job in high school?
How did you manage your time in high school with sports, AP classes, and other extracurriculars? 
How do you organize your priorities? When do you put your life before your career/studies?
What is your best advice for building a successful career?
Any other wisdom you'd like to share with our High School students?
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