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College Counseling

As a college-preparatory school, Oakwood High School understands that students and their parents have college on their minds from the moment they start their first week of freshman year. By providing students with the guidance and resources to make sure they find the colleges that are a good fit for them, Oakwood helps seniors maximize their chances for gaining acceptance to the schools to which they apply and gives students the knowledge and skills to make the most of college once they arrive.

Finding The Right College

Oakwood offers access to computer-based tools providing career survey and college-matching assistance, as well as a comprehensive library and up-to-date scholarship information and applications. Oakwood’s college counselor is available to answer specific questions and set up appointments with college representatives. College counseling begins in the freshman year, and continues steadily each year so that students are fully prepared by their senior year to begin the application process.

Getting In

The college application process is famous for being a stressful experience for most high school students. Oakwood High School is committed to making the process less hectic for students and their families. The college counselor works with students every step of the way, helping to make sure that students are aware of what they should be doing to prepare for the process at every point of their high school careers and helping to keep track of the progress of students’ applications as seniors.

Succeeding Once You’re There

Oakwood High School graduates are among the best-prepared students when they enter college. Oakwood’s graduation requirements surpass the entrance qualifications for even the most elite universities in the United States. Not only will students be prepared with critical thinking and writing skills and advanced knowledge of core academic subjects, they will be ready to become conscientious and contributing members of their college communities.

College & University Matriculations

Oakwood School graduates attend colleges and universities across the nation and beyond. This interactive map shows where recent Oakwood graduates have matriculated.

Ben Brown
Director of College Counseling
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College Counseling Resources

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