Ben Brown

Director of College Counseling

A New Jersey native, Mr. Ben Brown brings nearly a decade of experience in selective college admissions to Oakwood School as the new Director of College Counseling. Mr. Brown graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History and American Studies from Lafayette College (Easton, Penn.). Shortly after graduating from Lafayette, Mr. Brown began working in the Office of Admission at Connecticut College (New London, Conn.) Mr. Brown oversaw Conn’s application review process; supervised and trained a team of senior students to conduct admission interviews; organized events for college counselors; liaised with the athletics department; assisted with programming for multicultural recruitment; advised the club baseball team; and worked with the New England Reimagining College Access Collaborative.

Mr. Brown will apply his student-centered admission practices to his new role at Oakwood. He believes in a transformative – not a transactional – philosophy toward college counseling. This approach will foster students’ self-advocacy skills while they seek a college that fulfills their academic, social, and personal needs.

Mr. Brown enjoys baseball (watching, playing, umpiring, and reading about it), racquetball, studying history, visiting museums, trivia, and discovering the best sushi and BBQ spots.



Alexandra Bernardo

Admission Counselor, University of Massachusetts Boston
Connecticut College Class of 2020, former Senior Admission Fellow

I had the privilege of working as a Senior Admission Fellow at Connecticut College with Ben Brown as my supervisor. He was responsible for every aspect of the program; and his care and dedication to the Fellows, coupled with all of his admissions responsibilities, was truly unparalleled. Ben is meticulous and intentional with everything he does. He always strives to do his best and seeks feedback on how he can make everything he is involved with even better. Ben always treated me and the other Senior Fellows as equals, wanted to hear our thoughts, and displayed a level of selflessness as a mentor I have otherwise never experienced. He is extremely passionate about his work, and I believe his commitment to the Senior Fellow program and constant support is why I have become an admissions professional myself. He brings the highest level of integrity and compassion to his work and, more importantly, he inspires others to reach such levels as well. The Oakwood community hit the jackpot with Ben joining its team.

Maggie Burns

Connecticut College Class of 2021, Senior Admission Fellow

I am a senior at Connecticut College and was selected as a Senior Admissions Fellow. My boss is none other than Ben Brown and he has set the bar very high as a boss. His positive attitude, approachability, and easygoing demeanor are all things you will quickly find in Ben. His attentiveness began before we even started training and he is always around whenever I have a question or need advice. Ben’s passion for higher education is clear as he’s committed to explaining the nuances of the process and being an advocate for the applicant. As a college counselor, Ben will be there 100% for his students and I envy those who get to work with him. Conn's loss is definitely Oakwood's gain.

Sue Burns

Senior Associate Dean of Admissions and Operations, Lafayette College

I have known Ben for over eight years and during that time he has always been focused, dedicated and enthusiastic. When I think of the word commitment, an image of Ben comes to mind – no joke! No matter the task, Ben gives it his all. As a senior interviewer in the Admissions Office at Lafayette College, he was always ready for what came his way and led with professionalism and warmth. Our paths continued to cross when he began working at Conn and it was fun to see him take on new responsibilities and flourish in his role within Conn’s Admissions Office. It is clear that Ben is passionate about higher education and working with students. I am confident that he will be an amazing addition to the Oakwood community and you will find him with a smile on his face and an eagerness to jump in and make a difference!

Eileen Feikens, Tasha Toran, and Joe Yung

College Counseling Office, Dwight-Englewood School, Englewood, N.J.

Ben is a consummate admissions professional who has been an asset for our students, their families and our college office. His energetic and upbeat manner enhances every presentation, meeting and interaction he has with our team and student body. Ben’s knowledge and warmth made him our top pick when inviting colleagues to participate in mock committee and admissions panel events. His big heart and enthusiasm, combined with his expertise will empower his ability to guide students through the college process and provide support to parents as they navigate this journey!

Cynthia Goheen

Associate Director of Admission for Northern New England, Connecticut College

What does it mean and what does it take to be one’s best self? In the person of Ben Brown, Oakwood can celebrate the gain of one who knows how to build this capacity programmatically and how to build it up in others. The Senior Fellow program at Connecticut was little more than a decently compensated student job when he took it under his wing. Within two years, he had nearly doubled the applicant pool, and diversified it greatly, not so much by marketing as the quality of his mentoring. Yes, he had instituted a training protocol with solid and engaging content designed to bring out the best in each student. But it was the close attention that he gave to each one, his encouragement of each to develop and contribute their distinctive voice, his sage guidance regarding how best to leverage their unique experience, that made the difference. He has helped our Fellows bridge college and the realm of the rest of their lives with confidence and success. And thus, students and families of Oakwood, who contemplate an equally momentous threshold in the bridge to college and young adulthood, you can heave a great sigh of relief. Ben will be there with you, your guide as you make this storied rite of passage your own, true to your best self.

Mily Muniz

Associate Director of Admission & Coordinator of Multicultural Admission, Connecticut College

Ben's dedication is without compare. His highly tuned moral compass has shaped him into an extraordinary human being - thoughtful, methodical, organized, and dignified. He takes sincere pride in a job well done and has naturally earned the respect and admiration of his peers and the college counseling community. Ben is not only always prepared but several steps ahead. His work will not be done until every last piece falls into place. I have nothing but praise for Ben. He is an extraordinary professional, supportive manager, respectful coworker, and unconditional friend. He is more than an asset but a gift to the institution he represents.

Cameron Segal

Assistant Dean of Admission, Hamilton College

Connecticut College Class of 2020, former Senior Admission Fellow

In the summer of 2015, I nervously sat in the Connecticut College Admission office waiting for the start of my college interview. My fears quickly evaporated as I was greeted by a smiling Ben Brown.

Ben's easygoing and genuine nature created a safe environment for me to share my story. He listened and made me feel like I mattered.

It would be hard to find a more dedicated, caring, and loyal individual than Ben. Whether you're a high school senior, college student, or colleague — Ben treats everyone with the utmost respect.

You are just as likely to find yourself in a conversation with Ben about his love of the New York Yankees as you are to hear him tell you unprompted how much confidence and faith he has in you.

He inspires. He motivates. He cares. Over the past five years, Ben has continued to bring out the best self in me -- as a student, as a senior interviewer, and now as a professional. I have no doubt that he will do the same for Oakwood students.

Jefferson Singer

Dean of the College and Faulk Foundation Professor of Psychology, Connecticut College

I had the privilege of partnering with Ben Brown for all of his seven years in the Office of Admission at Connecticut College. I watched him develop into a leader of this Office and one of the most passionate advocates for our institution. As the Dean of the College who introduced a new general education program to our curriculum, I marveled at the clarity Ben conveyed in explaining the program to prospective students and their families. I was also grateful for his patience in training his staff and student fellows to achieve this same clear communication. Ben consistently displayed this superb attention to detail and an absolute devotion to getting things right. Throughout all of our work together, he was unfailingly upbeat, kind, and supportive. With his integrity and authenticity, he is the best possible ambassador for Oakwood.

John Thurston

Director of College Counseling, Waynflete School, Portland, Maine

I learned, recently, that Ben Brown has accepted a position in the college counseling office at Oakwood School and I am thrilled for both Ben and the Oakwood community. I have had the good fortune to work with Ben over the course of several years during many of which he served as our admissions representative at Connecticut College. From the first time I witnessed Ben interacting with our students, I was impressed by his professionalism, knowledge, and good humor. He deftly answered students’ questions regarding selective college admissions in a manner that was honest, thorough, and reassuring. His desire to inform and assist young people as they attempt to navigate the college application process is clearly genuine. On more than one occasion, my students have returned from visiting the Connecticut College campus and reported to me that they felt especially welcome because of their interactions with “Mr. Brown.” Ben demonstrated that same care and thoughtfulness with our students’ applications. Whenever I have had the opportunity to speak to Ben and “debrief” an admissions cycle, it has been clear to me that, regardless of the admission committee’s final decisions, Ben read my students' files thoroughly and sensitively. I am confident that his experience in selective college admissions, complemented by his warmth and approachability, will prove invaluable to Oakwood’s students. While I am saddened that my own students will no longer have Ben as a resource in the Admissions Office at Connecticut College, I am pleased that he will remain in the counseling profession. I am also quite certain that the parents, students, and Ben’s colleagues at Oakwood will count themselves lucky to have him as a member of their community.