Our brains are acrobatic


Oakwood’s rigorous academics are balanced with a rich experience in the arts, athletics, and community involvement. Our small class sizes provide maximum opportunity for individual attention and help uncover and develop individual strengths. We also take great care to create a wholesome environment in which character, values, and compassion are priorities.

As an independent, college-preparatory school, you’ll find that Oakwood High School provides students with a challenging academic environment, a vibrant campus experience, and lessons that last a lifetime.

Oakwood High School encourages students to push the boundaries of their academic potentials. By offering a wide variety of courses, as well as substantial depth in each field of study, the school enables students to distinguish themselves both broadly and deeply. The college-preparatory curriculum provides students with honors courses and an extensive Advanced Placement (AP) Program. Oakwood works closely with students and their families to create customized schedules that fit each student’s individual strengths and ambitions.

Oakwood’s breadth and depth of curriculum set it apart among various educational opportunities. The curriculum is solid and time tested, but also continually reviewed to assure that the faculty has the best resources to make learning come alive for their students.

We are dedicated to providing an environment in which students explore and research ideas, develop higher level thinking skills, and become independent, self-directed learners. Visit the individual course pages for more details on specific curriculum. Download our Graduation Requirements PDF for details on course and unit requirements.

My wife and I were eager to find a more challenging learning environment for our daughter, and one which also offered an opportunity to broaden her educational experience with clubs and activities. Oakwood gave us all that and so much more.

Oakwood Parent