Graduation Requirement: 10 Semesters

Oakwood High School’s four-year, college-preparatory English curriculum is designed to create an atmosphere wherein students learn to appreciate and understand literature and use this understanding as a tool to develop critical thinking and writing skills. Students use literary models to explore written expression and to broaden their understanding of vocabulary and grammar concepts. The English program uses the four strands of language arts – reading, writing, listening, and speaking – to develop and produce students with academic curiosity who possess a facility for interpreting the ideas of others and effectively communicating ideas of their own.

In addition to the eight required semesters of English classes, students take two additional semesters of writing – one during 9th grade and one during 11th grade. These courses prepare students to be successful writers in high school and college, respectively. Advanced Placement English Literature is available for seniors. Students are required to undertake substantial recurrent practice in writing extensive structured papers, with practice and mastery of basic grammatical and mechanical concepts. All of the courses demand students’ extensive reading of a variety of literary genres, including exemplary works by both classical and contemporary authors.