We chart our own courses

Student Life

Step onto our idyllic Morgan Hill campus and you immediately feel Oakwood’s philosophy shining through—in the thoughtfully equipped, sunlit classrooms, in the expansive performing arts venue, in breathtaking mountain vistas, and especially in our students and teachers. Student life is so much more than academics. It’s comprised of opportunities for participation in clubs, athletics, extra-curricular activities, leadership, and service. Oakwood students are a part of a very close and caring community. The strong friendships formed here endure long after a student graduates, as do the life-changing lessons learned.

At Oakwood, we honor natural generosity, and we nurture it.

Our community follows a simple, secular moral code, which supports students’ natural inclination to do what’s right. We fondly call such good behavior “Oakwood Appropriate,” affirming that certain values—respect, service, honesty, kindness, and citizenship—are timeless human goals that never go out of style. Oakwood students take these values to heart and feel proud to honor them. And our older students remain especially mindful that they’re setting examples for our younger ones. They know they’re helping create a safe, encouraging community where we can all be our best selves.