We are stalwart friends

Why Oakwood?

Oakwood High School is founded on the belief that learning should be a positive rewarding experience that challenges students to achieve their highest potentials and explore their individual interests. Our mission is to create an enriching, nurturing educational environment in which students advance within a rigorous academic core, while also developing intellectual maturity, self-confidence, and strong character. Our intent is to provide each student with the skills necessary for success in their choice of universities and beyond. What’s more, we help young scholars become self-motivated, disciplined, principled individuals fully prepared to lead lives of purpose, integrity, and concern for their communities.

High school shapes a young person’s life. Choosing a school that fits a student’s personality, character, and ambitions is one of the most critical decisions of adolescence.

As your child learns every subject from experts in the field, expresses himself joyously and authentically, rises to clear academic expectations, follows and sets moral examples, and participates in our exuberant culture of exploration, Oakwood School helps him grow into a well-spoken, confident, vibrant individual and citizen.

A more intentional education

At Oakwood School, our educational philosophy carefully balances structure and openness to help your child grow as a creative, disciplined, joyful learner. Step onto our idyllic Morgan Hill campus and you immediately feel Oakwood’s philosophy shining through.

Delving deeper

At Oakwood, our teachers can lead your student’s curiosity as far as it can go—because they’re all experts in their chosen fields. They teach what they love, and only what they love. And when students learn from educators who are teaching their passion, they can’t help catching the enthusiasm. His math teacher’s love of an elegant solution inspires him to have another go at a calculus problem. When she sees her art teacher’s original painting hanging on the classroom wall, she wants to work a little harder on her own.

Performing with gusto

Here, performing doesn’t mean pretending to be someone else. It means becoming your best self, and learning how to share that self with others.

That’s why we give all our students plenty of opportunities to perform in public—giving presentations in class, playing characters, singing, and dancing. It doesn’t happen all at once, but it does happen: Students begin to speak more clearly, listen more attentively, and challenge their own boundaries. Before you know it, your child is delivering a Shakespearean soliloquy in front of the school or becoming a standout on the debate team. And, whatever the context, she’s communicating intelligently and respectfully—the key to success in any college, any career, any relationship.

Staying Grounded

At Oakwood, we honor natural generosity, and we nurture it. Our community follows a simple, secular moral code, which supports students’ natural inclination to do what’s right. We fondly call such good behavior “Oakwood Appropriate,” affirming that certain values—respect, service, honesty, kindness, and citizenship—are timeless human goals that never go out of style. Oakwood students take these values to heart and feel proud to honor them. And our older students remain especially mindful that they’re setting examples for our younger ones. They know they’re helping create a safe, encouraging community where we can all be our best selves.

Learning for Life

At Oakwood, we want children to be as open to learning at sixty as they are at sixteen. That’s why we expect all our students to master an exacting core curriculum, roam the byways of their creativity, and develop real intellectual stamina. Our expert teachers employ their own inventive methods, get to know your student as an individual, and talk with them— and you—constantly about their passions, triumphs, and challenges. And where will their Oakwood education take them? Wherever they choose. Starting in ninth grade, our individualized, intentional college counseling process fully supports your student as they define, pursue, and reach their higher educational goals.

Exploring together

Throughout these amazing years, Oakwood encourages students to seek out new experiences—play a pirate in the fall musical, research the quaternion number system, travel to Italy. And we see that every student has the opportunity to experience the teamwork and invigoration of sports. Students join any team that sparks their interest, even if they’ve never tried the sport before. And with a range of teams in competitive leagues, we also present opportunities for serious athletic performance. At Oakwood, every new endeavor offers students the chance to grow and learn, to communicate clearly, listen carefully, and discover new meanings for concepts they’ve learned in class.

Your child is multidimensional—curious and kind, thoughtful and improvisational, perceptive and exuberant. And you want a school that celebrates and hones all her gifts—not separately, but in concert. A school that knows she’s not just one song, but a symphony. In this open yet strengthening environment, children grow into nimble, joyful, persistent thinkers, who are ready to take on any challenge.

An Oakwood education is a comprehensive, collaborative, intentional process that prepares students fully for their next stage in life—whether that’s kindergarten, college, or somewhere in between.

Through the five tenets of our founding philosophy,

passionate expertise,
disciplined and jubilant self-expression,
high academic expectations,
grounded moral examples,
unlimited exploration,

we foster curiosity, mastery, and independence. Our teachers get to know every student as an individual, including the ways he or she learns best.

Our program also ensures that students themselves understand and effectively employ their own learning methods. We teach them to take charge of their own education—at Oakwood, in college, and throughout their lives.