Theatre & Dance

The main objective of the theater experience is to develop students’ communication skills. No other experience better instills self-confidence than presenting oneself well in front of an audience and receiving deserved praise. Every student in first through fifth grade participates in a well-rehearsed, finely tuned, annual class play. Upper school students, too, have the opportunity to participate in various theater classes and electives. Directors train students in the effective use of voice, face, and body in order to represent oneself dynamically. These communication skills and the resulting self-confidence are invaluable assets for life.

To see how we approach Theater and Dance at each grade level, please see more detailed information in each school division's curriculum.

Middle School Performing Arts Events & Activities

Oakwood Performing Arts Department Announces 2018-2019 Middle School Musical

Earlier this week at the theater competition workshop meeting, the Oakwood Performing Arts Department announced the middle school musical for the 2018-2019 school year! And the musical is.....drum roll please..........HAIRSPRAY Jr! Excitement is on the rise as the news spreads. We can't wait to see our talented young students perform in this big and bold production adapted from the Tony Award-Winning musical. And remember, applications for the Theater Competition Workshop for middle school and high school students are due to the front office by 3:15 pm on Friday, April 6th.

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Middle School Melodrama Performance - Cactus Pass

For the last 80 years, the Cactus Pass locals have been embroiled in a feud between the Putnams and the Ludlows over stolen prize money from a hog-calling contest. When a rich newcomer bribes the town to hold a jamboree so that his children can experience a 'real American tradition,' he sets in motion events that even he couldn't have predicted. With a ten gallon hat full of great characters, your sides will ache with laughter as you watch this hit performance on Thursday, May 17 at 1:30 pm & 7 pm and Friday, May 18 at 7 pm in the Oakwood Barn. Admission is free.

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Oakwood Middle School Performance of Peter Pan Jr. Wows Audiences
Oakwood middle school drama students took flight into Neverland in their performance of Disney's Peter Pan Jr. Audiences enjoyed beloved classic songs, endearing storytelling, and one adventure after another. Exciting scenes included pirate battles and of course, the tick-toc-croc made its way across the stage. Everybody involved, from the actors to the tech crew, did an amazing job bringing audiences the world of Peter Pan. It was an impressive and entertaining show.
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