Kathleen Abbey

Performing Arts (MS & HS), Performing Arts Department Lead (MS & HS), Speech & Debate (HS)

Karen Arnold

Advisor (MS), Mathematics (MS & HS)

Brad Blackwell

Advisor (MS), Mathematics (MS)

Colleen Blanchard

Harmonettes Teacher

Melissa Call

Advisor (MS), Language Arts (MS)

Angele Carter

Costume Design (MS)

Patricia Crone

Upper School Head and Principal

Sheryl de Bree

French (MS & HS), World Languages Department Lead (MS & HS), Advisor (HS), Dean of Faculty (MS & HS)

Cami Hanson

Music (LS & MS)

Marisa Hare

Advisor (MS), History (MS), Middle School Counsel Advisor

Keith Hayden

Science (MS)

Derek Jensen

Physical Education (MS), Assistant Athletic Director

Kort Jensen

High School Athletic Director

Abraham Leach

Spanish (MS & HS), Advisor (HS)

Gretchen Lee

Advisor (MS), Language Arts (MS)

Debra Lewis

Advisor (MS), Language Arts (MS)

Jyovonne Montosa

Drama (LS), Performing Arts (MS & HS)

Erin Thompson

Art (LS & MS)

Nisanti Wilmot

Computer Science (MS & HS), Robotics (MS & HS), Mathematics (MS & HS)