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Preschool - 8th Grade Dress Code

Oakwood preschool through 8th grade students are required to wear a school uniform, detailed below. High school students do not wear a uniform, but must adhere to the dress code guidelines outlined in the High School Student Responsibilities and Expectations document in the Family Handbook.

Preschool – 8th Grade

Oakwood has an official dress code and grooming standard in order to maintain a respectful and positive learning environment. Student dress and grooming should not distract from the educational environment and school activities. Uniforms promote a sense of identity with the school and among the students as a group. Uniforms also help eliminate the self-consciousness and social competition which fashion tends to encourage. The Oakwood Dress Code provides a structure that respects individualism, but also promotes a sense of community and togetherness. Oakwood partners with Lands’ End for uniform wear; however, families are welcome to shop elsewhere as long as items purchased fit the Oakwood uniform dress code requirements.

Policies for the Oakwood Dress Code fall into three categories:

  • GENERAL: Applies to students AT ALL TIMES when on campus, as well as most off-campus, school-sponsored events.
  • UNIFORMS: Applies to students on uniform dress days, ONLY.
  • FREE DRESS: Applies to students on Free Dress days, ONLY, as well as select off-campus, school-sponsored events.

First page of the PDF file: UniformGuidelines