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Dress Code

Oakwood preschool through 8th grade students are required to wear a school uniform, detailed below. High school students do not wear a uniform, but must adhere to the dress code guidelines outlined in the High School Student Responsibilities and Expectations document in the Family Handbook.

2022-2023 Uniform Updates:

Kindergarten students will join elementary and wear WHITE polos for their uniform.

Some Oakwood spirit outerwear is uniform approved and may be worn in any grade level. Approved spirit outerwear can be purchased from the Oakwood Spirit Store and will be labeled as "Uniform Approved".

Approved Spirit Outerwear

Preschool – 8th Grade

Oakwood has an official dress code and grooming standard in order to maintain a respectful and positive learning environment. Student dress and grooming should not distract from the educational environment and school activities. Uniforms promote a sense of identity with the school and among the students as a group. Uniforms also help eliminate the self-consciousness and social competition which fashion tends to encourage. The Oakwood Dress Code provides a structure that respects individualism, but also promotes a sense of community and togetherness. Oakwood partners with Lands’ End for uniform wear; however, families are welcome to shop elsewhere as long as items purchased fit the Oakwood uniform dress code requirements.

Policies for the Oakwood Dress Code fall into three categories:

  • GENERAL: Applies to students AT ALL TIMES when on campus, as well as most off-campus, school-sponsored events.
  • UNIFORMS: Applies to students on uniform dress days, ONLY.
  • FREE DRESS: Applies to students on Free Dress days, ONLY, as well as select off-campus, school-sponsored events.

First page of the PDF file: UniformGuidelines