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International Students & Host Families

International students at Oakwood School have the chance to study in a dynamic and supportive learning environment, where academic excellence and personal growth are at the forefront. Our experienced faculty is dedicated to providing students with personalized attention and helping them achieve their full potential. In addition to academic studies, our extensive extracurricular program offers a wide range of activities and clubs, allowing students to explore new interests and develop new skills. At Oakwood School, you will have the opportunity to form meaningful relationships with students from different cultures, make lasting memories, and prepare for success in college and beyond.

High school students from around the world are invited and encouraged to join us and experience the best of education in a welcoming and inclusive community!

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International Student Host Family Information Night RSVP

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
6-7 pm
Oakwood School

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International Student Host Family Information Night RSVP
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International Student Host Families

Hosting an international student is a life-changing experience for the entire family. When you open up your heart and home to an international student, you are doing much more than making their dream come true.

You are learning about your students, culture and traditions, modeling, cultural acceptance for your own children, making a positive and meaningful impact on your student , your family, school, and community.If you are interested, in learning more about hosting an international student at Oakwood high school, please contact:

If you are interested in learning more about hosting an international student at Oakwood high school, please complete the form below.

Oakwood High School Celebrates the Chinese New Year

Oakwood's International students from China, together with International Coordinator Mrs. Vinkhuyzen, organized their annual lunchtime Chinese New Year/Spring Festival celebration with delicious Asian foods, drinks, and cultural information. The event was enjoyed by all high school students, faculty, and staff. Happy New Year, everyone!

"We are a very small family, and hosting has been a great experience for us. My daughters now have host brothers and sisters all over the world.”


"Hosting has turned our family members into bridge-builders between cultures. In a world with many problems, it feels good to be able to contribute in small ways to a better understanding.”


“I was an international student myself and had a great experience. Hosting feels like a great way to pay it forward.”

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