Annual Giving

Annual Giving is the heart of the school's fundraising efforts in which every family is asked to provide an annual donation to the school. All donations through Annual Giving are used for one of the five Annual Giving Funds, each supporting one of the five specific areas of focus at the school. Proceeds from the school's special events also go to support these funds.

Campus Fund

The Campus Fund is designated for the enhancement and expansion of the Oakwood campus. As part of our Campus Expansion Project, Oakwood has launched its first ever capital campaign, Spreading Our Roots. Funds raised for this effort will be used solely for the completion of our new Liberal Arts Building, which includes a theater; a new Upper School Gymnasium, and Playfield to follow. Broad community participation will be essential in ensuring these new campus additions become a reality for current and future students. Many improvement projects have benefited from this fund in the past, including the purchase and installation of lockers, the walkway fountain, landscaping, playgrounds, parking lot, sports courts and campus security. For more information on this ambitious endeavor for Oakwood, please visit our Spreading Our Roots campaign page.

Science & Technology Fund

The Science & Technology Fund is used to strengthen and expand the school’s technology and science resources. The current focus of this fund is purchasing new equipment and software for the classroom to enhance the teaching environment and increase student learning. This includes digital projectors, document cameras and new computers, as well as building a campus-wide high-bandwidth wireless network.

Enrichment Fund

The Enrichment Fund is used to grow the library and enhance the school's Drama and enrichment programs. Past projects have included a ball wall, climbing wall, cargo net, musical instruments, sound system, and special lighting equipment.

Faculty Fund

The Faculty Fund is used to support faculty development and enhance faculty compensation. Increasing professional development has been one of the teachers' major requests and these funds help make that happen.

Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund is used to expand and strengthen the school community by providing merit-based scholarships to deserving students. This program has been quite successful at attracting some top students to Oakwood, enhancing the school for all. (These funds are not used for financial aid.)

Donors can select which fund they would like their donation to benefit, or they can allow the school to choose which fund has the greatest need. Even when "greatest need" is designated, all funds donated through Annual Giving will go to one of the five funds and are not used for the school's basic operation.

Donors can make a donation online via our secure giving webpage.

Oakwood asks that all families participate in the school's fundraising efforts. The goal is for each family to donate each year to the Annual Giving Program and participate in fundraising events as they feel they would like to and are able to do so. Some give a little and some give more as circumstances differ, and every donation is very much appreciated. Broad participation is a critical goal and an important sign of support for the school.

Any questions about Oakwood fundraising can be directed to .

Book of Gratitude

Because of the incredible generosity of parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends, Oakwood ended the 2017-2018 fundraising year with success. We are grateful that so many members of the Oakwood family make giving to the school a priority. Your support ensures the school continues to grow and thrive across the board. For that, and for all that you do for Oakwood, we thank you!

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