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Oakwood School


Volunteers play an important role in helping Oakwood School fulfill its mission. Without our parent volunteers, Oakwood School would not be the connected, vibrant community that it is.

Please let us know how you would like to contribute to our volunteer efforts by submitting our Volunteer Application.



Parent Service Auxiliary (PSA)

Oakwood recognizes the most important aspect of a child's education—parental involvement.

The PSA was established to provide a way for parents to give meaningful and significant service to the school. The PSA Board works closely with school administration in designing and implementing activities that will benefit the school and the students. Parents are encouraged to get involved and become part of the school network. Fantastic activities are planned by the PSA throughout the year to foster school spirit, entertain, provide wholesome fun and draw students, parents, and faculty closer together. Many are annual events that are full of tradition and build our school heritage.

There is a wonderful, varied kaleidoscope of families at Oakwood, and this is the perfect setting to make friends and be involved.

The mission of the PSA is to strengthen and foster our school community and contribute meaningful service to Oakwood. The PSA Board serves as a liaison between the administration, staff and parents, encouraging parental involvement, hosting social and fundraising events, assisting with community outreach programs, and enhancing educational opportunities now and for the future.

Upcoming PSA Events

Oakwood Theatre or Zoom