Why Give

Unlike many private schools, Oakwood does not ask donors to pay for the base operation of the school. Donated funds are used exclusively to enhance and grow the school and its programs through the five Annual Giving Funds. As a non-profit corporation, there are no profits or dividends for shareholders or owners. When school revenue exceeds expenses, these funds are reinvested in the school.

Donations made through Annual Giving may be designated by the donor to go to any one of the Oakwood Annual Funds. Most donations are given "unrestricted" for the school's greatest needs, meaning the donation will go toward one or more of the five funds, depending on need. Proceeds from school fundraising events go to one or more of the five funds.

Oakwood provides all Oakwood families an annual report of fundraising results and how fundraising dollars were spent. ECE, Elementary, Middle School and High School all receive the benefits of Oakwood fundraising.

Each year the school sets priorities for the funds based on the school's particular needs for that year. Parents, teachers and students all provide input to help set these priorities.

Any questions about Oakwood fundraising can be directed to .